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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Really, really wild!!!

I' ve just seen the first episode of "The future is wild" series. It looks very good indeed, and I hope the next episodes will be more detailed not only in the matter of animals, but also plants. I know that lots of animal evolution has been driven by plants (e.g., the special relationship which insect and vertebrates share with agiosperms, that is, flowering (and seeding) plants. I can't believe that the future wll reserve plants a passive observers' role. I do however understand that it is more difficult to forecast such breakthrough than incremental evolution of animals...

But I'm certainly looking forward to the following episodes...

As an aside, yesterday I've been to see Blood Diamonds at the Cinema (Bioscope, is the funny word flemish use for it). A nice movie, with a good and strong message to bring home. pity, though, that it caters to audience who doesn't really need to hear it. a bit like "An Inconvenient Truth" - only people who care about Global Warming are going to see it. the ones who really make up the problem do not give a rat's ass about it.

Same for diamonds. Girls who have been brainwashed to want a diamond will not certainly be stopped by Leonardo DiCaprio and the others who compose the merry brigade of this movie. Nor will the big heads of diamond commerce in Antwerp - actually, they started a PR campaing devote to limit the iage damage from this movie well before it came out. Sorry for the interspersed cynism. I'm just not really confident that we, as humans, are so good. hopefully, the hopping snails and the jungle octopodes from the future will do better, in 200 Million years time. All the best.

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