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Monday, January 29, 2007

Rocky Balboa

I've seen this movie. Not bad. but mostly, a movie made of self-quotations. From the scene of the stairs, to the training in the butchery, everything was there. they even self-quote the actors, since Rocky's new woman is a young girl that he brought home long time ago.
I understand the movie wasn't supposed to center about fights anymore, but the lack of a decent bad guy really did hurt the whole story. This Mason Dixon did look more like a failed rapper than anything else.

They could ahve at least twisted the plot by having rocky's woman son to part for his black brother, or something like it. Instead, everythign did flow predictably toward a fight which we know it was supposed to be epic... only it wasn't. No strategy, No suspense no nothing in fact. Just a bunch of fists to show that he's still the Italian Stallion. bah... 6.5 for the effort that old Silvester took in getting back into shape for the movie. His abs put the young guy to shame, really.

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