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Monday, January 29, 2007

Levi's sues...

Over the shape of their trademark pockets.

No, seriously, since evreybody seems to be copying their 'seagulls' flying in a pentagon (see piccies on the left, courtesy of NY Times)

So this got me thinking about pockets... and what came up to my mind is something that only Italian of roughly my same age (or older) may remember. a n ad which caused scandal in catholic Italy, when it came out.

the brand, Jesus Jeans: the year, 1972. the piccie you can see below.

Nice huh? I english, the writing says: "Those who love me will follow me", jesus' words of course, with a twist. I'd certainly follow the lady wearing the jeans :-)

If you're reading, Marie, please forgive me :-P

The Gufo

ps; some of you may notice that it was two years before I would be born - never mind, I got hold of comics and magazines where this picture was shown at the time...

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