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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Convert, or face extinction!!!

I've just had a revelation. Not, like San Paul (then Saulus) on the way to Damascus, but rather on my mailbox - the real one, not the electronical one.

I was walking by the corridor, and an indefinable light was shining through my pigeon hole. A padded envelope was inside, translucent with this divine light. Like in trance, I took it up, tore the seal apart, and a blast of light surrounded me, impressing an indelebile shadow of my silhouette (internal organs included) on my boss' closed door.

I should have been dead, instantly vapourised by the holy radiation emanating from the envelope, instead I felt like blessed, and reached with my hand inside it, extracting an orange hardcover but easily pocketable book, whose title read: "The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster".

Now, I am not the religious type of guy, but very much like Alessandro Manzoni after his onw late conversion, I feel compelled to drink from this wisedom fountain, to discover what the ONE I now accept as the real creator of the universe has to tell me.

I'll keep you posted ;-)

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