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Monday, May 14, 2007

I am having a blast

I recently registered to yahoo! Answers website. I just needed to find out whether or not my mobile phone would support a given bluetooth protocol.

The website is quite useless for that kind of thing, and seems overrun by teenager looking for answers (duh!) to either existential, or very stupid questions. some even try to make their homework this way, a very dangerous practice. I would never trust an answer given on such a website. Here's why. I have a wicked sense of humour, so it didn't take me long to end up, jumping from one question topic to another, in the "religion" subsection.

And there started the fun, when I saw silly flamebait questions such as:

Muslims- do you support your anscestors killing hindus and breaking their temples down?

Bible want to shave women if they do not cover head. Does bible interested in undershave also?

O Christians, how you pay the royality of each edition of bible if it is word of god?

Glorious Quran is universally one and purest word of God. Why each bible differs with other one?

Isn't this great? I started writing puny answer to each and every one, until... I hit the daily limit!!! LOL!

Now I can stop and go on to more serious business, such as actually doing some paid work, or finish writing up my thesis. time to grow up. ghep.

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