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Monday, May 07, 2007

More Spiderman 3 reviews

Uh, it seems like my post on spiderman 3 and the kinda lukewarm review it got from the NY Times generated quite a number of hits.

So, here I am to cater to the interest opf my readers. I've gone out looking for more info.

On the IMDB, spidey gets a decent 7.1. That's the people's vote, but keep in mind that this is people who bothers to vote for a movie after seeing it, so it's likely to be composed of a higher than usual percentage of fanboys, both pros and cons. Hopefully, they cancel out.

If you look at RottenTomatoes, instead, critics average on a somewhat lower score: 61%. Tomatoers do score it more or less like IMDBers, at 66%. Are they harsher? uhm,. judging by the average age of the top 100 movies in the two databases, I'd say they're older, less Matrix-generation and more Casablanca: may be less fanboyish, or just more classic oriented. I do tend to agree on them, meaning that a movie can only be called a classic when a audience born 25 years later than the movie itself still likes it.

Back to spiderman, I guess I'll have to see it, but for the moment only CAMs are available for download. may be in a couple of weeks some decent DVD rip will hit the pirate bay. Until then, I'll wait.

here's the trailer anyway. (update for a better trailer)

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