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Saturday, October 07, 2006


this morning I woke up at four o'clock. some clever person in the building has decided that they need heating at four o' clock in the morning, I can't fathom why - old people having sex over the blanket? urgh, that's disgusting...

anyway, thanks to this unknown, my bedroom had a nice thrumming noise since four o'clock (I better repeat, freaking four o'clock in a bicycle!!!), so I couldn't sleep.

what do you do when you can't sleep? well, I wasn't hungry, didn't really want to read, so I decided to advance a lil bit my work. so went in the salon and started working at my thesis, cataloguing the files in my 250GB LaCie hard drive... sometimes I just loose some of them and it's a pain in my bum when I still have to write them up in the thesis... I also ealised how many missing pieces there are... found a few errors here and there too late now to correct... I'll just have to gloss over them...

all in all, a proficuous day until now...

now I am off to the postoffice to get two registered mails, which I strongly suspect to be more parking fines... or may be God (if there's any) has decided to stop hassling me and may be my appeal has had success... I really am through with turning my money over to the state for a misplaced road sign not complying EU regulations. rant!!!

well, you all, have a nice day!!! ;-)

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