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Thursday, October 05, 2006

On The Nature of Marriage

Realising that my brother was getting married (for real!!!) got me thinking... Mind you, I've never been adverse to it as some friends, but talking to my girlfriend I tried to explain her how i did saw the marriage in my very personal, atheistic, humanistic view of the world...

Marriage is not about being christians. It's present in all cultures of the world. or at least, 99.9%. It's not certainly about GOD, since atheist chinese and japanese still marry... the way I see it, it is a vow, you taking responsibility of caring about your broom/bride, in front of those who constitute your immediate society. Parents, friends, everybody you care about and whose opinion you deem important. It's a pledge that you make to other person, in my case a pledge of exclusivity (being faithful to him/her), a reassurance that once she's pregnant I will not escape with another one, no matter how strong the temptation... As a matter of fact, a very mundane thing. An insurance policy for her. it's my way of saying "Don't worry, I'll be there for our children to grow responsibly."

So, when I'll take the big step (or plunge?), I'll go to church (for very social reason, namely my gf and family being catholic), gleefully lie about all that GOD stuff, and be sincere about loving her and taking care of her until death do us part... I guess it's a reasonable and honest compromise... 'nuff said...

let's go back to space/science/funny things now... ;-)

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