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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sticky, Stinky, Fishy, Piggy!!!

the four adjectives which me and Marie were serving to each other during our holidays in sardinia... it was damn hot and we were coming back home after one day spent out touring the northern coast... badly in need for a shower, as you can guess...

Piggy was added at the last minute, when a couple of wild boar crossed our path as we were driving back to the B&B... While one of them cruised along my car, I half thought about hitting him for the barbecue the day after... Luckily I didn't do it. First, we were inside the borders of a national park, so big fine... Second, even if i did hit him, our landlady told us, it would probably have killed la macchinetta but wouldn't have done much harm to him - this was the fate of my landlady car when she did the same.

incidentally, here's the powerful moyen de transport we used during the epic holidays...

let's come back to the boar now:
Third, had he/she been in heat (the pig, not us), the meat would have been very disgusting...

so, long live the wild boar!

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