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Friday, May 04, 2007

Allo Allo

Hi, Just a quick post on a new (actually, vintage) TV series I discovered recently.

In the word of the BBC comedy guide,

'Allo 'Allo! was a direct-hit domestic sitcom and huge international success that made a star out of its lead, the funny and talented actor Gorden Kaye. At first sight, frolics in Nazi-occupied France may have seemed a dubious subject for humour, but the show's premise was not to make fun of the war but to spoof war-based film and TV dramas.

In my words, it's an incredibly funny and well built sitcom, with plenty of crazy characters. It manages to give the nazis a human face, I absolutely love it! All characters are involved in a network of (half-assed) intrigues, who binds them one another. Every single one of them is sucked into this maelstrom as soon as it enters the little cafe`/restaurant that Rene`, the main character, runs.

I am currently viewing the second half of the first series, and enjoying every single moment of it! 9/10!!!

here's the first part of the pilot episode, from youtube

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