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Thursday, May 03, 2007

So, do plants fart, or not?

a paper came out some time ago revealing that plants do seemingly emit large quantities of CH4, a powerful greenhouse gas. Conservative people and newspaper in the whole world (weel, ok, just in the US) souped it up concluding not only that human weren't causing global warming and plants were, but even that to save the planet, we had to burn down as many plants as they could, and deforestation and such were morally justified. I don't know how this would justify driving a big ass SUV though, or squandering water and other limited resources. pah.

Anyway, a new paper refutes the first one, showing no significant emission from living plants. Carl Zimmer has more details about all this. With a vengeance. Go and check it out. I'm going home now, and will try to cycle without farting. You never know.

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