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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blog Rolling

I've been too busy in these days to keep up with the bio-blogging scene.

Only the usual suspects made it to my attention:

Darren Naishm, over at Tet Zoo, talks about tortoises' penises, but also present his (yet) unpublished field guide to British Ostrich Dinosaurs (first part here).

Carl Zimmer, as usual, plugs his own pieces on the NY Times, about duck penises. I spot a pattern here. Oh an important thing I had missed at first: he is pointing us to significative articles he wrote, one per year, stored in his own repository. (I still have to finish Parasite Rex, damn. Too many good book I am juggling right now)

Laelaps it's always nice to read, but haven't checked him out properly yet. this afternoon.

Last, but not least, Sarda at Fish Feet explores the real estate market of stone age britain. Apparently, the Lake district were a favorite at those times too. Oh, she also writes about the deatmatch to end them all: Shark vs Dinosaur!!!

Did I leave anyone out? Oh yes, the newly discovered Secret Sex Lives of Animals, a blog whose name says it all, written by a beautiful evolutionary biologist. I mean it. Actually, now that I've seen some pictures of Olivia Judson on the net, I wonder whether this isn't her blog? Judson, Hudson...

that's it for the day, I hope you'll enjoy!

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