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Thursday, October 25, 2007

DMC-FZ18 Reviews, finally!!!

I have finally found some reviews of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. Here, and here. I am sold. I am ordering it as soon as I can from the US, together with a DMC-TZ3 for my lady. I still can't understand why prices in the EU are so outrageous, with the TZ3 costing 400 Euros and well below 300 US$ on the other side of the pond. Even counting in taxes, it still makes no sense.

Stay tuned for my next pictures, probably starting with my trip to Rwanda at year's end.


Luca said...

Really nice cameras: I have a DMC-LZ5 (6x) and it's really good!!! However last year I switched to a reflex (with a Nikon D-80) and...well believe me it's another world!!! Sorry for that... :-)

Gufo said...

I thought about a big sensor camera, especially to escape the noise issue. My brother and father share one a D-40 or D-80, am not sure. But then, too many things to carry around, different objectives, and so on. I just need a wide-angle, long-zoom point&shoot.

chanapong said...

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