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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Project Bioshield: The Mess

No, it's not a new videogame title for PS2...

it's the US initiative to protect themselves from unlikely bio-weapons terrorist attack...

Tara talks about it. Original source from the NY Times.

apparently, big pharma companies are not interested in the deal (I wonder why), so small start ups with no proven track record are stepping in. I feel like making unsubstantiated allegations today, so I will put out mine: is this the truth? or is just simply that lots of these start ups sprouted from nowhere are just clocely linked to government personalities in charge of assigning the fundings? Are americans, once again, lining someone's pockets with public money? nothing wrong, mind you, if they were getting something in return... but... let me doubt this...

Now that I've sprouted non-sense, I can even read the article :-)

EDIT: read the article... it seems I wasn't so wrong. As Andreotti says, to think bad of someone is a sin, but you always get it right.

quote from the article:

“A torturous labyrinth of federal fiefdoms into which billions disappear,” Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut, said of the program. “Yet few antidotes have yet to emerge.”

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