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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And one day, those corals will be up in the sky...

I wonder what Disney's Nemo may think of it. The fish, not the vernian pirate-submariners.

So, Chris Rowan reports that a recent earthquake in the solomon islands caused the whole island to rise, some 3m in certain points so that now some corals are exposed at the top of small reefs. I mean, elevated reefs. Duh!

the picture above is quite telling uh?

Seeing this and following Chris words':

I wonder if you can find the remnants of reefs stranded by earlier earthquakes on Ranongga? By dating them and measuring how far they've been raised above sea-level, you could have a go at reconstructing the past seismic history of the subduction thrust.

I wonder of my own: Is it possible that one day these corals will be embedded in some mountain side? I mean, I don't know much of geology, but do the Himalayas contain fish fossils and such? Or they're heavily metamorphosed beyond recognition? Mah?

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