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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So, I have been volunteered...

So, I'm just back from the Tiger Mosquito's Weekly PostDoc Lunch, the self-organising open initiative for postdoc (buit also not) here at J&J Beerse, and I discover that I have been volunteered not once, but twice, for the third PostDoc Carnival, a run-around of (many, if not all) blogs written by postdocs...

Featured twice, in one of my romantic moods, then in one of my searches for aesthetics in science...

Anyway, I'm not a real post-doc, as I have to defend my thesis. yet. Actually, I have to complete writing first.

May be in the next four days of holidays. If it ain't sunny, and windy, in which case trying the new 1.80m wide kite takes priority. Kind of like this one. prettier (I hope, haven't broken the bag's seal yet).

Watch and learn, kids, this is how you do NOT become a real scientist!!!

And now, I'll chain myself back to the table, I fixed some new data and must find a way to finish off a powerpoint presentation detailing what I have done in the last six months, before I head off to present it tomorrow. Ow!

And oh, thanks to whoever inserted me in the loop ;-)

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