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Monday, April 23, 2007

Is google in the hands of creationists?

I was cleaning up my inbox, when I noticed a very weird "sponsored link" on my gmail:

the line says: "Intelligent Design - - Controversy is Intensifying. Why is this issue so Divisive?"

you follow it, and find out that the piece is a somewhat ambiguous article about the Dover trial and a certain Behe. Nothing to worry about if it weren't for the undertones of the word, things such as:

"Why has this seemingly objective, measured disclaimer caused such a firestorm?" (referred to the Dover obligatory reading before teaching on evolution.

there's more:

"Predictably, some prominent media outlets are already framing this debate with a pro-evolution slant."

"Dr. Behe believes that he has faced considerable bias against his theory."

What a load of crud...

I tried to get rid of the websites in the settings of my webclips, but can't find it. Apparently Google, let me customise only my own addition, and the rest is for them to choose. depending on who shell out the money to be read, I guess. Well, as long as they don't start doing it on Google News. Not that I visit there very often. It's already rare that I finish what's to read for free on The NY Times.

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