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Monday, April 23, 2007

Bloody fever won't go down.

So, here I am, forced to work under the effect of paracetamol and stuff... my head feel stuffed, and I am envious of everybody else breathing freely and dressing liberally, whereas I am forced to wear wool, a scarf and still feel midly uncomfortable...

Yesterday fever spiked in the early afternoon, after some four hours spent in the office trying to advance this impossible pKa study.

Went home and ate some fruit salad and ice cream, all the while watching movies until my neck was to painful to stand there. Only then i relaised my fever was far too high, and had to force myself to the bed.

I finished watching "Deja Vu", which was quite OK for me. Excessively moral may be, with the whole "If you could change awful things that happened in the past, what would you do?" that Denzel washington hammer down the (sore) throat of the spectators. Whether they like it or not. The scientists, as usual, are portrayed as whimp, thnk god there's the good ol' cop to save the world and show them the right way to use the tools they created.

Other than that, the action is pretty solid. although why every american movie must end with a fist fight between the good and the bad guy is beyond me. pah.

I've also seen Lyrics and Musics, or the other way around, with hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore: Nice and warm, just right for a feverish guy watching movies on saturday night with his lady.

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