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Friday, April 27, 2007


No work today. yet, I couldn't avoid waking up well before 7AM. Too much light around, I guess.

No cycling in the Ardennes either. My girlfriend had other plans, so I will tour this area, and stop-by the workplace to look for my mobile phone, who disappeared. last chance before going off to buy a new one. If I were to do, I'd try and get a smart one, with things such as real synchronising capabilities, and possibly a GPS, although this may make it quite heavy on the pocket. We'll see...

Since I'm free today, I'll try to finish off a post I started long time ago, on the reasons why I feel we need fundamental research. I don't even remember how and why it started, just came off some musing after reading something else.

On a side note, I may also try to read up the latest changes suggested by my supervisor to the never-ending thesis. And cntinue on reading my latest book, "The Wisdom of the Crowds" - may be I'll post about this one too, later on. Ciao!

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