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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am GOOD!!! (well, I feel so)

Yeay, I've just finished attending/giving my six-monthly update to the interested people in the company about my work. It went easier than I thought, I surprised myself for my confidence with a laser pointer in my hand. I guess the tireless fortnightly exercises paid off, at the end.

Now, it's mainly matter to finish off the ongoing studies, write up final conclusions (especially on the evaluations of pKa predictors), and possibly make the merry round of consociate companies, showing off my skills and fishing for opportunities.

But from tomorrow, and for the next five days, it's holiday time! If I can manage to, tonight itself I'll head off to Anthisnes, tomorrow I'll wake up later than usual, and possibly cycle around the place. I am gonna love it. Then, Saturday I don't know, just relax with my lady, sunday back to bxl possibly for some more sunny cycling with allochtonous friends, then monday and tuesday of rest before starting again.

What would I want more from life?

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