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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Correlating Good Grades and Success in Life

Here's a post (yes, I'm still jump-blogging) where a singaporean teacher advocates that good grades do not always make for good jobs outside work. His analysis is clear, and I do agree on some points: you don't need a degree with distinction to perform well in the workplace, from my experience it takes more passion and focus, than proper cleverness or knowledge.

I do not agree on him that people who go back from work to uni to 'do their masters' are forced to do this because they do not perform well at work. quite the opposite, from what I see... People who go back to academia for a masters do so 'cause they want to step up in the career ladder, never satisfied with what they're doing/earning at the time...

and if it's true that, as he says, people who didn't do well at uni may well earn more than their distincted colleagues, that's hardly the case for 'teachers/professors', whose rewards very rarely are in the money they earn...

I can only talk for my field and a few others that I know, but usually the salary scale is:

Industry > Academia > School.

mah... may be things really are different in Singapore...

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