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Monday, October 16, 2006

First steps in acknowledging Virtual Spaces

Reuters is opening his first news agency in a virtual space: namely, the MMORPG Second Life. Being there almost one million inhabitants, it was almost time, you could say. The articles Mr. Pasick files will be strictly about — and addressed to — Second World players. Reuters CEO downplays this all to a playful touch of PR, but I see it differently. With the growing importance of Virtual Arenas, more and more will be happening there, especially when information exchange is concerned... One days, things will be decided up there that will exert an effect in the real space. Think of it has the Internet Special Interest Groups that Bruce Sterling protrayed in "Island in the net". Behold the future in making!

EDIT: next steps, is a daily news on what's been happening on World Of Warcraft...

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