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Monday, October 16, 2006

Religion can be a good thing...

I always knew it. Being born in a catholic country (the catholic country for excellence, one could say), I know that people can have a positive attitude towards the environment, not the disastrous one that theo-con evangelical have in the US. But it's nice to see someone over there pulling his weight...

Over the last five years, Father Morris has sharply reduced his small parish’s energy use and emissions of carbon dioxide, the compound most scientists believe has led to global warming, and he has organized other congregations across Michigan to do the same.

that's good...

by the way, it's not like evangelical are all EVIL:

Over the last year, religious activism on global warming has won much attention. Last February, 86 evangelical Christian leaders backed an initiative to combat global warming, a move that broke the evangelical movement’s broad silence on the issue but exposed stark divisions.

that's what the priest teaches: “If we are made in his image, we should mirror his image in our dominion over the Earth,” Mr. Wickersham said. “He is creative and sustaining, not destructive.”

it's a neat and convincing message I'd say, one that certainly can appeal to people who have a good hearth and care about their own children. The other? well, quite frankly, I'd give them one last opportunity to redeem themself, then would have them shot. with bio-degradable bullets, of course :-)

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