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Friday, October 20, 2006

Studying PharmacoKinetics (again)

It's background-building time for me. I'm dead bored of things going over my head during meetings and such. I've gathered quite some knowledge in these nine months I have been here: I know what the Apparent Volume of Distribution of a Drug, or the Intrinsic Hepatic clearance, are, and how they correlate with measurable Physchem properties such as LogP or pKa. But the whole picture is unclear...

Even worst, most phases of drug development are absolutely obscure, especially in the upper tier, after chemistry is almost done.

So, here comes my new book, Handbook of Basic Pharmacokinetics

Handbook of Basic Pharmacokinetics by Wolfgang A. Ritschel and Gregory L. Kearns

An interesting read... today I've learned that taking fruit juices with your medicines is usually good, since many flavonoid and other natural substances in the fruit juices inhibit either CYP-450s (the main methabolic engine/enzymes in the body) or efflux transporter, and therefore increase the period of time the drug can act on the bodym, before being wasted away.

I also learned that the average man pee about 1.5 litre per day, and that looks like a lot to me...

all in all, lot of snippet of informations, useful to drop casually in conversation to impress girls ;-) well, girls who are impressed by encyclopedic man, that is... :-D

ok, may be not the one about pee... that's for today's canteen lunch :-P

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s.c.h.u.l.t said...

ah,thanx 4 d info...but plis, no juices for those ppl who suffer renal failure! ;p