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Monday, October 16, 2006

Early posting today...

Good morning everybody... I'm here at work at 6.40, as usual during my mondays. most people find it hard to wake up on mondays. me too, but when you've to throttle 100 busy Km of motorways to get here you better start early. and when as today it's not me the one who has to travel, I still hve to bring her to the rail station. so, my wake up time doesn't change...

so, here I am... at least this way I'll be able (hope) to leave work early, and go off to the swimming pool to test my new swimsuite. Like children, I believe that new sport gear makes you perform better... I remember when I used to get new (albeit unbranded) trainer socks, and after trying them for like ten metres sprints, I would proudly declare to my mum that thanks to them I felt I was running faster, jumping higher, and longer... ah, childhood... when every dream comes true... may be I'll post some more about my childhood, in the following posts... who knows? for now, back to gritty day-to-day work.


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