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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Mile High club

This refers to people who have sex on the plane... usually, in the toilet, I would educately guess.

but what if you had your B787? with bed, kitchen, cinema room and bubble bath? all for your enjoyment? Well, if you want and can afford it you can have it.

I mean, there seems to be quite a market for this kind of things. 39 747 are currently privately owned. and many more of other kind. I guess it's above Rockstars level, I'm thinking more Oil-sultans and such...

from the paper: In addition to its size, which will allow for even more luxury, the A380 has a feature that may appeal to the most status-conscious of owners, who may travel with underlings. That feature harks back to the days of ocean liners, where social classes were physically segregated.

“The A380 will offer a chance to separate the senior V.I.P.’s from the junior V.I.P.’s because you have two decks, and they can be kept apart,”

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