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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google and YouTube

I've come to appreciate YouTube... at the begin, I did look at it as a good idea, but was half expecting people to misuse it. that is, I did fear it would be full of pr0n. but more and more people seem to be using it for useful purposes, from sharing short snippet of TV they particularly liked (didn't I post a link to the BMW M5 ads some time ago? yes I did), to self-adverstisement of natural photography.

Finally, some big player has noticed this little phenomenon, and has bought it. the big player is, as you may have guessed, Google, which seems to be looming over the internet as a sort of benignant Big Brother.

I do Love Picasa, and Gmail is my primary email now. I do write this on Google-owned blogspot. Google already had his own Video hosting service, I dopn't know much about the tech behind but youtube and gvideo seemed to be pretty similar.

In short, google seems to be aggregating all that makes the network a collaborative, bottom-to-top thing. Thanks god, I feared it may just become another TV with infinite channels. may be there's still hope...

the onlt Gthing I didn't keep on my HD is Gchat. I'm sorry google, there's way to go before you get close to Skype. at least that was the situation when I last checked.

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fuad said...

google is gonna deal with copyright enfringement and I hope that would not happen.