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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Judas Unchained isn't that bad, after all...

Some posts ago, i complained about Judas unchained sucking. I still am of the same general opinion, but the few pages I read yesterday nudged the score a bit higher... I particularly appreciated the dialogue between the two person heading the largest corporation/dinasty of them all, CST/Sheldon. Nigel Sheldon and Ozzie Isaacs are the two scientist who created the QWormhole technology, and CST is the result of this. a monopoly over Trains-through-Wormholes transports which actually makes up the Commonwealth. They did, however, choose different paths in their life: Nigel, practical and no-nonsense, heads the dinasty. Ozzie, on the other hand, is the classic rebel genius of SF, always aiming to be the eternal underdog. they tackle life in very different ways, and same is true for the Primes menace. The dialogue halfway the book when the two finally manage to re-unite is very interesting, and adult, on both sides. I wonder how time Hamilton spent in writing it, and ironing any crease out of it. It is one of the best dialogue I've ever read, where the two tackle the very essence of their friendship, the responsabilities which come from their positions, and the very values which are important to them. Only for this, I feel the book deserves to be read.

I'm still a bit skeptics over the whole Starflyer idea, and I glimpsed the solution to the whole shebang. Not particularly elegant, I'd say, but I was also parially dissatisfied by the resolution of events in the Confederation's books. Dear peter, it looks like you've a penchant for the Deus Ex Machina. You do introduce it since the very begin, true, but even so, it's a dishonest way to close a story. Anyway, i'll suspend my final judgement until I read the END word in the book.

ciao ciao.

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