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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

what am I doing?

it's after lunch time, so my brain is slowly recovering from the lack of blood. it all went down to the GI tract to help digest the substantious meal that Janssenn gladly subsidizes. Today, it was country omelette with herbs and bacon and (sic!) potatoes, a soup with something (plus chilly mush, my favourite addition) and two slices of country bread to pooch in it... finally, a cup of tea and a small apple almond and cream pie...

the morning I've been trying to finish off at least one of a two-parts work on IKs inhibitors. can't talk about the details, but after getting a series of hits from a software charged with finding molecules electrostatically similar to some nine known inhibitors, I'm regrouping said hits, and selecting only one-hundred molecules which hopefully will be diverse between them. let's hope so...

other than this, i decided to give up the car from now on, unless necessary. I bought a bus pass for the coming month, and in nice days I'll try to cycle as I have been trying to do in the summer. coming by car turns out to be very stressing, as either i come here very early, or I clash with huge traffic and parking difficulties. Coming by bus, someone else does the driving, I can sleep some more, and during the wait (just outside my apartment) and the fifteen minutes trip I can enjoy a good read. This way I can skip on reading at night, time which I can use more proficuously on my thesis. all in all, a pretty good deal for 25 euros/month. and the car is always there if I need it. that is, in the weekends or for heavy duty shopping :-)

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