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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have seen it!!!

I managed yesterday to watch the first and second episode of BattleStar Galactica, season 3. and the short verions of this post is: It Rocks!

I mean, for being a TV series, it is becoming increasingly adult... It shows the human population oppressed by monotheistic robots which justify every thing they do with a higher call. It really strikes me as a very strong and decise criticism of the current middle-east politics of the US. And I'm frankly puzzled by the way some people see it the other way around.

The way they treat serious issues as suicide bombers and the reaction politcal and not to them is very very adult. And I like to see how every body does what it can to survive, how people are forced to make difficult choices...

and some characters are finally being fleshed out decently, until now I thought that Col. Tigh was there just as a negative example, a counterpoint to Adama. but not, his is the most poignant quote of this season so far: "Does it really matter whether the guy I command ride on a viper or starp themselves a belt of explosives? they're just as dead at the end." (I don't remember exactly right now, but more or less this is the sense.)

Plus, the acting is still good, for a TV series that is... the only gripe I have is with the scenery, if I had started colonising a planet, I would have expected a much sparse population, with a more agricultural setting. As it is, it looks like most people just hang around in tents day in day out, planning a rebellion... who produces the food? are they supported by cylon poop? or what? I don't think it would have been more expensive - they just had to hire some western series set-up, and they'd be done... but hey, they would then stomp on joss Whedon's feet and his wondrous Firefly/Serenity...

All in all, however, I heartily recommend this new season. Se Il buon giorno si vede dal mattino, it is going to be so damn good... can't wait... ;-)

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