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Thursday, May 24, 2007

4th PostDoc Carnival.

The 4th PostDoc Carnival is up, at Minor Revisions this time.

This post pof mine (the most depressing of all) was selected...

Since when I posted that, situation has changed a bit, thankfully. With the thesis almost done, I have a better outlook to my future, although there still is a lot to do.

Papers from my PhD will have to be jotted down, following the outlines of the last two chapters - I do not consider the rest publishable - if not as a review - and that's already out there.

Then time will be up for my "in silico prediction of CV safety" paper, something very much on the map of pharma journals since quite some time - and the Vioxx affair only put it in the spotlight once again. I hope to provide a useful contribution there. plus, it's been fun, and it's helped me to get known within the company - I am going to lecture the sister company in the following days, and hopefully I'll fish a permanent position (I'm just moving in the same city, so that would help logistically too)

Finally, I've received a kind of direct invitation to go and present my latest work, a benchmark of pKa prediction softwares on our internal experimental database. The time frame for this is quite short though, I am not sure I will be able to make up a decent, nasty-question-proof presentation - no much stuff like this has ever been published and I understand why... every company has its own chemistry, and then, it isn't an easy job at all.

Every time I think about it, I would like to change something in the set-up. just revision hell, I would never be confident to put my name under a title such as "To pKa, or to not pKa? An extensive review and benchmark of current commercially available prediction software."

Ok, may be it would not sound that silly...

bah... we'll see what comes up next.

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