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Monday, May 21, 2007

Evangelion!!! Live Action!!!

The greatest of Gainax successes becomes a live action movie.

I just hope they get the chance to properly do the effects, as the one shown in this trailer do suck a little.

update: new trailer: it sucks even more. they didn't even get the taglines right. "A boy has to decideD" "The destiny of THE Humanity", oh yeah, that would be Humankind... never mind - have a look yourself.

And what's with the freaking american accent of Kusanagi? I hate Americans for being so self-centric (not that japs aren't when they set all the ultimate fortresses of humanity in their own little island (less than 1% of Erath surface, yet statistically unlucky to incredible levels.

AND - apparently is an easter egg. or fan art. in the case, they did a decent job.

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