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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Flops at the user group meeting

I've at the end, decided to decline the invitation to go up and speak at the next ChemAxon Users' Group Meeting.

It was enticing the idea of having been invited, although I do not hide to myself that they did so because they suddenly had one cancelation. Still, it's nice to know they thought of me.

But, I went for a decline. Too many things to do in the next few days, I did not feel like
adding one on top of the move, and most importantly the presentation in TiboTec. That one, could really get me a job. Plus, my mentor kind of suggested that I may get the opportunity of presenting my CV work, if she manages to avoid it. Finger crossed for bot. Now, that I would really like. Plus, it's certainly more scientifically interesting than showing a benchmark of badly performing softwares.

Hopefully, everything will coagulate nicely, in a big omelette which I will devour piece by piece in the next few weeks. Eggs, breadcrumbs, cheese, parsley and all the rest :-)

Just in case you were wandering who I work for, here it is: Janssen Pharmaceutica

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