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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chimera, Grifon, Laelaps...

Which one is NOT a mythical creature?

Laelaps introduces us a really intelligent alternative to visiting the Creation Museum, some damn piece of crap put up by some pice of crap-ass creationist in the american untellectual junkyard.

So, you should rather go, Laelaps suggests, to the American Museum of Natural History's exhibition on Mythical Creatures, where fantasy is certainly better used than in thos bible stories - I think desert shepherd should have been just that, without attempting to compete with science fiction with their "Bible".

(I will admit though that I read the bible in comic version, where I was a child - it was given to me by a nun aunt, and I didn't know better. drawings were ok, too, although I found the stories strangely anticlimatics. Also, I believe the Apocalyps wasn't include. The only decent part, probably. Pity.

Luckily, I have the Gaiman and Pratchett version of it.


Laelaps said...

As always, thanks for the link! Even though the AMNH isn't convenient for you, they're pretty good about sharing their exhibits online, so there's plenty of photos/info up there to look at. Hopefully my post on dragons, dinosaurs, and creationist mythology will turn out well, but I still have plenty of digging to do before I get all the images I need.

Gufo said...


as usual, thank you 4 visiting.

I've been around their website, it is indeed quite interesting. I went through most of the dragon sections, may be tomorrow will scour the rest.