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Friday, May 25, 2007

Again, Spiderman 3.

This movie was high in my expectations. I was looking forward to see Spidey (il ragnetto, as they call it in italian) in a black tight suit. And the sand-man did look gorgeous in the trailer. Yet, it seems destined to disappoint me. I am not a fan of the world's most favorite wall-crawler, by any stretch. Yet, sometimes it is nice to just sit down and relax, let your mind be transported in an alternative reality where you don't cringe at bad things. that was the sensation the Matrix gave me, until, that is, Morpheus pulled out a duracell and started bashing the laws of thermodynamics. That absolutely ruined it. Once again, is it that hard to pay some REAL writer with some scientific knowledge to draw these plots? I mean, it's not like there's any shortage of sci-fi writers, at the moment. Just look up Stephen baxter's or Greg Egan's number in the white pages, pick up the phone, and hey! presto!, a new sci-fi movie with guts and idea which would blow your mind away. But I realize this does not necessarily apply to comic book-inspired movies. They do not have to obey to those rules, being children of another media. So I was happy at watching the first Spidey, although the goblin sucks as an enemy. I just can't fathom why one would want to enclose himself in that kind of crappy metal suite, all while hovering in precarious equilibrium on that kind of flying SegWay. May be the Osborne father was an allegory of Dean Kamen? Who knows? Anyway, the other point that really ennoyed me was the matrix-style special effects. But enough with the old spidey.

A friend wrote me yesterday, to let me know that the third one really sucks. here are his words: una trama indecente, che sembra costruita con la tecnica del patchwork, ma di quello piĆ¹ marchiano, con il collage di tante storie insignificanti senza vero collante, insomma 2 ore e mezzo di puro niente...

which, once translated, sounds like: An indecent plot, built with like a patchwork, but a very low quality one, with no glue to keep the various stories together, meaningless when taken one-by-one. In conclusion 2 hours and a half of pure nothingness.

Now, it's only one person. but the most important thing is that we ususally don't like the same movies, so I think I'll go and see it. Cheers!

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