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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gay couple steal child!!!

Do not worry, I am just kidding.

It's just couples of Gay flamingos, as reported by Kate Hudson at Secret Sex Lives of Animals.

Apparently, this particular couple had been desperate to start a family, like many human gay couples. So, they did adopt a children who was left on its own (I don't know whether abandoned, or orphaned). And it doesn't seem to be uncommon either. many male flamingos pair up with other males, apparently 'cause there's an imbalance in the sexes (opposite to that in human - I am happy I am not a flamingo - that would sucks) so they have to. And sometimes may be they just can't get along with females. I am sorry I have my troubles with mine too, from time to time, still I'd rather stick with her. Actually, in one week we'll be living together! Hurrah!

but, back to gay flamingos. I wonder whether there's example of lesbian couples in nature. I've never heard about them... :-?

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