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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Google's User Experience Research

I signed up to complete Google's User Experience Research. The banner said something like "Would you like to play around with blogger for one hour or so, and get 100$?"

Of course I want. At the heart, I am still a student, happy to drop down a pill even if it makes my hair falls (that's NOT how I lost them - long story) - so, money for toying with computers? that's MY current job, right? why not moonlight?

Hopefully, they will not ask too much about my personal life.

Until now, it's mostly about the usage of their web services - most of which I enjoy, some other I rarely use, a couple I don't know what they're about - Orkut? what's that?

Third page of five: usage of Google's and third party softwares and online services, for communication, news reading and such.

Fourth page, more of the same.

Fifth page, is for employers, so just skip it.


page says: Thank you for filling out our survey. We will keep your details on file and contact you when a suitable study comes up.

So, where's my money? What? that was the application form? You bastards!!!

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